10th Anniversary: Obudu Face of Culture – Beauty Contest

Culture, a tool for managing environmental change
Culture, a tool for community cohesion and sustainable peace
Culture, a tool for sustainable development
Culture, a tool for managing climate change

Let’s think culture…
I am a culture
You’re a culture
We’re a culture

Let’s tell the story… In the world over, culture has become one of the major elements used in influencing tourism and international relations. This is because people’s quest to having practical experience of other’s ways of life has increased in different societies across the globe. In this regard, Nigeria and other African communities witness an inflow of visitors from America, Europe and Asia on weekly bases due to the high presence of fundamental cultural endowments, artifacts and aesthesis. This automatically has marked Nigeria as tourism destination in the global spare.

As Nigeria continue to tap from cultural property in promoting tourism, there is need to embrace the unconventional contemporary paradigm shift from the use of culture is peace building processes and conflict resolution by young practitioners, academics and experts. The reliance on culture through street theatre, poetry, pageantries, spoke and written words for the oppressed etc; brings about Democratic forms of interaction in which when properly harnessed could create resistance to oppression yet peacefully co-existing.
Typical example was the evolution of the Olympic Truce Peace Champaign which brought people from like conflict nations to showcase their cultural endowments before the commencement of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Secondly, Mountain Cinema Nigeria (MCN) has been using street carnival, cultural fiesta and beauty pageantry (Face of Culture) to promote peace between other States. Thirdly, young peace building practitioners have commenced inter-cultural festivals and sport as means of re-engineering peaceful coexistence among communities and states.

Judging from the above, it can be hypothesized the culture is becoming a fundamental elements of Peace building and conflict resolution strategy in the global perspective. Therefore, Cross River State must take advantage of the time opportunities embedded in this annual Obudu new yam festival.

Annual Obudu new yam festival
Annual Obudu face of culture international
Annual Obudu cultural dance competition
Annual Obudu cultural carnival
Annual Obudu cultural fiesta
Annual Obudu talent hunt and light of Peace
Annual Obudu peace talk show

Let’s do it together! Encourage your ward to be part of this great enlighten event. Face of culture contest, Cultural Dance competition, Cultural street carnival, Talent Hunt, Cultural and peace talk show, Light of Peace concert and a lot more, is a week whole events that brings together the youths of Northern Cross River and our neighbouring Benue state to show coexistence and the hospitality of our fathers land.

Mountain Cinema Nigeria seeking support and partnership for successful planning and hosting of this great enlighten event. For sponsorship and partnership call or WhatsApp: 08033910067

This events is open for sponsorship and partnership
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